Jenny Park

Jenny Park has been a member of the William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics’s since December 2009. During her time in the department, Jenny has consistently demonstrated excellent customer service, resourcefulness, a commitment to professional growth, and has provided continuity to a department that has seen significant turnover and transformation since her hire. Jenny has served as the primary contact for our 20 faculty and for hundreds of students inquiring about travel procedures, petty cash, and reimbursements. She has monitored the distribution of keys within our department. She has done all of this with graciousness and collegiality.

In her role, Jenny is often required to educate individuals regarding University policies and regulations. Sometimes, these policies impact individuals in a way that they might not necessarily find to be positive or even desired. However, it is important that rules be followed. Jenny has managed to find a way to not shy away from informing individuals of bad news while being somehow maintaining a positive perspective. Her consistency, professionalism, and demeanor inspire me.

Jenny is very much deserving of this nomination as part of the Celebrating UW Women event. We in the Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics are fortunate to have her as a colleague and celebrate her being here often. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to recognize her contributions more broadly.


Ralaine Angeles

I am very pleased to nominate Ralaine Angeles for Celebrating UW Women. Ralaine’s positive attitude is infectious. She promotes passion and optimism in all aspects of her life including her role as a Resident Adviser, her involvement with student organizations, and in her course work. Ralaine has worked as a Resident Adviser for almost three years and remains just as enthusiastic about this work as she did when she started. I can always rely on her to lead the team in the right direction and has been a fantastic resource to her residents. Ralaine is a crucial member of the Terry Hall community and I have really enjoyed working with her.

Martine Reynolds

I am very pleased to nominate Martine Reynolds for Celebrating UW Women. Martine is an exceptional Resident Adviser and it has been an absolute joy to supervise her this year. Even though Martine is the youngest on the Terry RA team, she has a level of self-awareness higher that any student staff member I have ever supervised. Because of this, Martine is an incredible source of support to her residents and her peers. She also has an ability to befriend anyone, no matter how awkward the situation may be. Because of these skills and her genuine personality, Martine is an outstanding student leader and I am very excited to see her continued growth and influence.

Emily Moseley

I am very pleased to nominate Emily Moseley for Celebrating UW Women. In her role as a Resident Adviser, Emily has worked very hard to create a vibrant and supportive living community. She demonstrates genuine care for her residents by taking the time to aid them through their individual journeys. She is also incredibly thoughtful and passionate which allows her to excel not only as an RA but also as a student. Emily’s altruistic personality makes her an amazing team player and she is highly respected by her peers. It has been a joy getting to work with Emily so far this year and I am very excited to see what her future holds.

Hannah Long

I am very pleased to nominate Hannah Long for Celebrating UW Women. She pushes herself further than any student I have met at UW and does so with a level of grace and maturity beyond her years. It has been a privilege to supervise Hannah this year because I have seen her grow through challenges and opportunities in ways that I know will serve her well in the future. I also appreciate her willingness to step outside her comfort zone and in that place, she is at her best. Hannah is a critical member of the Terry Resident Adviser team and a fantastic role model to her residents. I am very excited to see what is in store for Hannah’s future endeavors.

Julia Wing

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julia for all four years that she has been on the UW campus. In my opinion Julia has managed to make a profound impact on our campus in a way that most people may not notice. Julia may not be what we consider a traditional student leader but she has done many great deeds that in my opinion would outweigh the accomplishments of such prominent campus leaders. Julia is not only an ambitious student but also one who has held down a job for as long as she has been on campus. She is a true working woman who has worked diligently for her education and the humble lifestyle. Julia has chosen to work in environments that help promote the UW community such as serving as desk staff in the residence halls and as a tutor for high school students who hope to one day be at our campus. On top of a busy work week Julia still manages to find time to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Julia selflessly gives up her valuable time for wellbeing of those who may not be as privileged as the majority of UW students. Julia’s impact on our campus are so profound in that she has spent all her time focusing on making our campus a more inclusive place rather than calling attention to her accomplishment. I believe Julia is deserving of recognition for her selflessness and willingness to make our campus an inclusive community.

Julia Walsh

Julia Walsh is a valued part of the Alder Hall staff team. Julia’s authenticity and enthusiasm as a leader in her community has contributed to fostering strong bonds on her floor. Having joined the staff only four weeks ago, Julia has already demonstrated a high level of leadership and an understanding of what makes a team successful. She has taken initiative to build relationships with her fellow staff members and to make the community her own. I look forward to what great things she will do in her role, and as a campus leader!