Bronwyn Thomas

Bronwyn Thomas has been a fantastic addition to the McMahon Hall Resident Adviser staff this year. Bronwyn is mature far beyond her age and definitely has made a positive impact on my life and others’ lives over the course of the academic year. Bronwyn’s greatest gift is being able to connect with others and she absolutely makes the most of this during her time as an RA. She knows so much about each of her residents and works to go above and beyond in her leadership with them. She plans effective programming opportunities to engage the students on her floor. She has also managed some difficult resident interactions with students, but has handled these with grace and professionalism. Bronwyn constantly strives to be excellent in her RA role and asks critical questions to ensure that she is maximizing her abilities as an RA. She uses the skills that she has developed in the classroom (she hopes to be a teacher in the future) and is able to adapt those in her RA role to provide care and support to all 51 of her residents. Bronwyn also works to go above and beyond in supporting her peers and me on the McMahon staff. I am thankful I get to work with her and appreciate everything she has done to challenge me to be a better supervisor. Thank you, Bronwyn! PS. Thank you for also challenging me to do better hand lettering since you have mastered it so well 🙂

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