Maya Norton

Maya is an excellent representation of the quality of women that the UW showcases. While keeping high academic excellence, she works as the Assistant Director of Programming for Dining with the Residential Communities Student Association. In this position, she plans community events for students in the residence halls, in collaboration with UW Dining. She holds this job with class and professionalism, even when the craziness of event planning arises. Through this job, she has created strong relationships with UW chef’s and dining employees; it is incredible. Aside from her involvement in RCSA, she participates in the UW Leaders program, is an Honors student, is active with her church, and is starting an RSO on campus regarding body positivity and women who lift weights.


Sarah Weigelt

Sarah Weigelt has been an instrumental part of my success this academic year! I have known Sarah for the majority of her UW career and I am thrilled that I have had the opportunity to work with her closely this year. Sarah works as an Office Assistant in McMahon Hall and deserves more recognition than I could possibly provide. She is someone that takes initiative and goes above and beyond her normal job responsibilities to ensure that our building and office is running smoothly. She has worked to develop really great relationships with the RA staff and other staff in McMahon, assists with a plethora of administrative tasks and utilizes her creative talents for many projects. She has really made the most out of her time at UW and will go on to do amazing things, both personally and professionally, after she graduates in just a week. I am so thrilled that I get to work with her on a daily basis. Thank you, Sarah, for literally everything. You make my job easier every single day and for that, I am forever grateful!

Soledad Colmenares

Soledad Colmenares is so incredibly deserving of recognition that Celebrating UW Women provides. Soledad is the custodial supervisor in McMahon Hall and her contributions to make our community a fantastic place to live for students and a wonderful place for me and my staff members to work. She is always on top of things, is responsive to student and staff needs and is just a really genuine personality. I always look forward to our weekly building walkthroughs with Soledad because she is so kind hearted and fun to be around. I look up to her and all of the knowledge she has about the McMahon community. She has so much great experience that I appreciate getting to learn from on a daily basis. I am lucky to get the opportunity to work with Soledad on a regular basis. She has made my year in McMahon beyond what I expected and I am thankful for her work in our community.

Cara Currier

Cara Currier has been such a light on the McMahon Hall Resident Adviser staff. She has an infectiously positive attitude that radiates to anyone that she is in contact with. Cara has developed such genuine relationships with all of her residents in her community. She is so incredibly genuine in her interactions and her residents definitely respond to her leadership. Cara works to plan thoughtful and engaging programming opportunities for her residents as well. Cara has been an absolute delight to work with this year. She continually strives to learn more about becoming the best Resident Adviser that she can be. She asks critical questions and seeks to improve her leadership skills regularly with me during our weekly meetings. She doesn’t settle for just being an average RA. She works tirelessly to exceed expectations in many areas of the position and her work definitely pays off. I am so excited to see how Cara works to maximize her time at UW over the next couple of years. She is overflowing with potential and has the ability to make the most of that potential. Thank you, Cara, for everything!!

Cassandra Wright

Cassandra has worked on my Resident Adviser staff for the 2015-16 academic year and has done some phenomenal work during this time. She absolutely deserves recognition. Cassandra does a great job connecting with all of her residents and the RA staff in McMahon Hall. She has been dealt some tough cards with students this year and has handled many difficult situations with professionalism and grace. She also works hard to put on great programming opportunities for her residents that live on her floor. Another area of the RA job that Cassandra excels in is offering support to her fellow RA staff. She is consistently stepping up to help her peers out which is great to see as a supervisor. I am so lucky that I get to work with Cassandra. I am excited to see what she does to maximize her UW career over the next couple of years. Thank you, Cassandra, I appreciate all of the work you have done to make McMahon a great community to live and work in.

Karina Alvaraz

Karina Alvaraz

Karina Alvarez has been a joy to work with during this academic year. I saw Karina start her RA career in Alder last year as a bystander in the Poplar RLO, but have seen her blossom into a student leader this year in so many ways. Karina has just an uncanny ability to build rapport and maintain relationships with her residents. She knows so much about each and every one of them and makes all of her residents feel engaged and a special part of her floor community. She plans creative and thoughtful programming opportunities for her residents as well. She also works to support her peers in the RA position. Something else that I admire about Karina is her infectiously positive outlook on life. She is never without a big smile on her face and it definitely rubs off on all the people around her. I am so lucky to have seen Karina grow so much in the RA position this year. She is poised to have an incredibly successful experience at the University of Washington and I am excited to watch it all unfold for her. Thank you, Karina, for everything! You are very much appreciated.

Alison Lo

Alison Lo is a fantastic student leader on the UW campus and I am lucky to get to work with her on a daily basis. I met Alison in the Spring of 2014 when she was in my RA class and even then, I could tell that she was poised to be a difference maker and leader at the University of Washington. She has successfully maximized much of her time here on campus and as a Resident Adviser this year. Alison balances her work as an RA and her academic and personal life so effortlessly. She is able to dedicate time and be present with residents, her peers, and her supervisor when needed, but also has an innate ability to still maintain her identify as a student and a friend to many during her busy life. Alison provides great support to the residents that live on her floor and facilitates great programs that foster community building within her community. Alison has also been a rock on our staff as one of the few returning RAs. She has been such a fantastic resource to her peers with regards to policy enforcement and community engagement. She provides thoughtful advice that her fellow RAs greatly appreciate. Thank you, Alison for being such a positive contributor to our staff in so many ways! I am excited to see where the rest of your UW journey takes you.