Cara Currier

Cara Currier has been such a light on the McMahon Hall Resident Adviser staff. She has an infectiously positive attitude that radiates to anyone that she is in contact with. Cara has developed such genuine relationships with all of her residents in her community. She is so incredibly genuine in her interactions and her residents definitely respond to her leadership. Cara works to plan thoughtful and engaging programming opportunities for her residents as well. Cara has been an absolute delight to work with this year. She continually strives to learn more about becoming the best Resident Adviser that she can be. She asks critical questions and seeks to improve her leadership skills regularly with me during our weekly meetings. She doesn’t settle for just being an average RA. She works tirelessly to exceed expectations in many areas of the position and her work definitely pays off. I am so excited to see how Cara works to maximize her time at UW over the next couple of years. She is overflowing with potential and has the ability to make the most of that potential. Thank you, Cara, for everything!!


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