Karina Alvaraz

Karina Alvaraz

Karina Alvarez has been a joy to work with during this academic year. I saw Karina start her RA career in Alder last year as a bystander in the Poplar RLO, but have seen her blossom into a student leader this year in so many ways. Karina has just an uncanny ability to build rapport and maintain relationships with her residents. She knows so much about each and every one of them and makes all of her residents feel engaged and a special part of her floor community. She plans creative and thoughtful programming opportunities for her residents as well. She also works to support her peers in the RA position. Something else that I admire about Karina is her infectiously positive outlook on life. She is never without a big smile on her face and it definitely rubs off on all the people around her. I am so lucky to have seen Karina grow so much in the RA position this year. She is poised to have an incredibly successful experience at the University of Washington and I am excited to watch it all unfold for her. Thank you, Karina, for everything! You are very much appreciated.


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