Kaylee Boeck

Kaylee Boeck has been a wonderful Resident Adviser in McMahon this year and I am thrilled that I have gotten to see her grow as a person and professional during her last year on the UW campus as a student. Kaylee has remained dedicated to her students throughout the academic year. She has provided great programming opportunities, has been a source of guidance and support to students, Kaylee has had some challenging incidents in her community this year and she has managed those with such professionalism. I am always impressed at how she represents UW and our department so well in her interactions with others. Kaylee is always so willing to learn and doesn’t settle for just meeting expectations. She asks critical questions and works tireless to exceed expectations in the RA role. I am thankful that I get to work with such a thoughtful and intelligent student leader. She has done great work to maximize her experience at UW and I am confident she will be fully prepared to tackle life after graduation this spring. Thank you for everything, Kaylee. It has been a pleasure to know you this year!


Bronwyn Thomas

Bronwyn Thomas has been a fantastic addition to the McMahon Hall Resident Adviser staff this year. Bronwyn is mature far beyond her age and definitely has made a positive impact on my life and others’ lives over the course of the academic year. Bronwyn’s greatest gift is being able to connect with others and she absolutely makes the most of this during her time as an RA. She knows so much about each of her residents and works to go above and beyond in her leadership with them. She plans effective programming opportunities to engage the students on her floor. She has also managed some difficult resident interactions with students, but has handled these with grace and professionalism. Bronwyn constantly strives to be excellent in her RA role and asks critical questions to ensure that she is maximizing her abilities as an RA. She uses the skills that she has developed in the classroom (she hopes to be a teacher in the future) and is able to adapt those in her RA role to provide care and support to all 51 of her residents. Bronwyn also works to go above and beyond in supporting her peers and me on the McMahon staff. I am thankful I get to work with her and appreciate everything she has done to challenge me to be a better supervisor. Thank you, Bronwyn! PS. Thank you for also challenging me to do better hand lettering since you have mastered it so well 🙂

Gabrielle Gore

Gabby Gore has been my right hand woman during this academic year as the McMahon Hall Assistant Resident Director. She has been the main advisor for the Mac City Hall Council and has really been an outstanding mentor to many people within hall council. She has pushed students to become better leaders and put on exciting programming opportunities for the students in the McMahon community. Gabby has also provided support to the Resident Adviser staff. She has been a great resource for many of them as they navigate their first year in the RA position. She has been able to use her past experience to provide sound advice to many staff which is something that I really appreciate. It has been a pleasure getting to work with Gabby this year and I am excited to see where her career and life take her once she graduates from UW. Thank you Gabby for all of your work in contributing to the positive and vibrant culture in McMahon Hall.

Megan Swanson

Megan Swanson

Megan Swanson deserves recognition as being an outstanding woman on the UW campus. Megan has worked really hard as a Resident Adviser this year in McMahon Hall. She has provided her residents with great programming opportunities, has made great efforts to interact with her students in a variety of capacities and works to support her fellow RA staff as well. Megan also is extremely dedicated to her studies as she works towards a degree in Engineering. She is able to balance her RA job, classes, and research opportunities to be an effective leader at the University of Washington. I appreciate her dedication to all of the areas of her life. She is a well-rounded woman and I am lucky to get the opportunity to work with her. I can’t wait to see where her UW career takes her over the next couple of years. Thank you Megan, for everything!

Jill Pimentel

I have worked with Jill for a short time now, but could not be more thrilled to collaborate with her for the Business Living Learning Community in McMahon Hall. Jill is new to the university, but brings with her a plethora of previous experience that allows her to make thoughtful and insightful contributions to the Business community. Her work with me and the Business Resident Advisers on our resume workshop and our docket of Spring Quarter programs has been so wonderful. We are lucky to have Jill serve as the campus partner for the Business LLC. I am thankful that I get to work with a woman that has an infectiously positive attitude and outlook on the work that we do and students that we serve. Thank you Jill for all of the work you have already done to contribute to a great community and I look forward to our continued work together throughout the year.

Brittney Palmer

Brittney does an outstanding job balancing her roles as a Biology student at the University of Washington, and as a Resident adviser for over 50 residents in Haggett Hall. She does all this while also teaching fitness classes at the fitness center west, and planning her wedding for June. She is compassionate and friendly to all those who are around her, and she genuinely enjoys making others’ lives better. She gets stressed with all this on her plate at times, but she handles it all with grace and poise. She is a student of the University of Washington who truly makes a difference on the school, its students, and on my life personally as she makes each and every day that much better and that much more exciting. Her love of Christ and love for others is inspiring, and I couldn’t love her any more than I do. She’s helped me through so much here at the University of Washington, and I am only one of many that she does that for.

Carissa Mayer

Carissa really takes pride in the work that she does and in the connections that she makes with students on campus. Throughout these years of being her colleague, I’ve watched Carissa really care about the trajectory of so many of her student staff and leaders. She puts so much energy into making the best decisions that she can at work because she knows the level of impact that she has on others. Aside from her work from students, Carissa is also an extremely supportive colleague who has helped me think through countless situations at work. She has taught me the importance of reflection in our work and I can’t thank her enough for her perspective. Carissa has also become a great friend to me and I appreciate her willingness to share in my goofiness and get to know me as a person and not just a colleague. For all these reasons, Carissa is very much deserving of this Celebrating UW Women nomination!